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By Bill Jensen and Debby Mayberry

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Oil painting by Robert Julius Beyschlag

Full size Violin by Ignatio Beeirette made in Cremona 1620

View my 1620 violin. 


Preliminary Report on the Patented Hieronymus Machine

View my psychic machine research on Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus

Pulsed laser Holography with SSY-1

View my research on inexpensive pulsed green holography using the SSY-1 laser head



View my information on my Sumerian dedication cone of Entemena with cuneiform.


View my information on Peseshkef wands from Egypt, Senwosret I.


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1931 Model A Ford

Deluxe Coupe

Good running condition


Sumerian Dedication Cone

King Entemena

2450-2375 BC

Keep watching, more items will be scanned in and put in this list.










































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